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Welcome to tmg

tmg  specializes  in  supply  of Pharmaceutical  process  and  packaging machines. tmg  offer  a  range  of  NEW and PRE-OWNED  machines. 

The difference between ORDINARY and EXTRAORDINARY is that little 'EXTRA'. and tmg strives to provide that little 'EXTRA' to its clients.

tmg brings to you, Engineering Excellence,  Value for Money, Versatility, Customer Support  and  Cost  Effectiveness .  All  combined  to  ensure  - MORE VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY.

We offer,

Apart from these machines, we have a range of other machines available with our clients / in stock. Please  let  us  know  your specific  requirement  and  we may be able to offer options.

We have also supplied machines for special application like Chlorine tablets , salt tablets, Veterinary applications. 

We Supply machines and parts from our office/workshop in India and from our warehouse in UK